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    For PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or 6, Windows CE 5 or 6    

PocketPC, PocketPC 2002, Palm-Size PC, H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000 should use Version 3, see "Important Notes" below. 
Will not work with Windows Phone 7.  Click HERE for a note regarding Windows Phone 7.

$20 Basic - Pocket Genealogist Version 4
$35 Advanced - Pocket Genealogist Version 4
Mail Price Above

Personal Check (U.S. only), Money Order, Cashiers Check, etc. can be sent to:

Northern Hills Software
PO Box 403
El Dorado Springs, Missouri, USA 64744

Make sure you include your email address so we can send your registration code.

If you already have Pocket Genealogist, use this button to upgrade:

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Important Notes

If you have a device that does not work with Version 4, purchase a copy of Version 4 then contact us to get an equivalent Version 3 registration code.   (You will be licensed for both versions if you should ever get a device that works with Version 4)  Version 3 works with PocketPC, PocketPC 2002, Palm-size PC, H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000.  Version 4 has features not found in V3 and most enhancements and bug fixes will only occur in Version 4.